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  • CIp-95 Support (SanchoNet - Done)

    • Whats Next?

      • We're merging all networks into one extension for easier switching and improved user experience. Although GeroWallet currently supports SanchoNet as a separate extension available for download on SanchoNet's website, we aim to streamline network transitions.

  • Improve Dex Aggregator Tech (Q&A Phase)

    • ​- Why is this important?

        • As a necessary step for introducing the swap feature directly into the desktop app and managing it in-house, GeroWallet users will benefit from an enhanced swapping experience characterized by improved security, speed, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Swap feature for desktop (In Progress - Development)

    • What caused the delay?

      • The overhaul of the Dex Aggregator backend took longer than expected. Meanwhile, the team responsible for the extension began their development work partway through and is now nearing completion.

Gero's 2024 Roadmap

Gerowallet 2024 roadmap
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